NetFlakes is a project dedicated to celebrating and lamenting the content available for easy consumption. Our starting point is Canadian Netflix but what we’re really looking to do is spark conversation about the screen media everyone has access to.

NetFlakes has many branches, including a weekly movie review podcast (The NetFlakes Podcast), written reviews, editorials, and recurring content, like What’s New On Canadian Netflix.

You can support NetFlakes directly over at our Patreon campaign, where you can not only help keep the lights on but also receive escalating rewards based on your contribution.

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  1. L. Allen says:

    The podcast about Memento with Emily Bullas was fantastic! The two of you were informative and enjoyable to listen to. Looking forward to more podcasts with Emily. She is funny ,articulate and conversed about the movie to the point where I must see. Great job Netflakes! Thanks to you both. I can not wait to listen to her podcast.

    Liked by 1 person

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