The NetFlakes Podcast #91 – A Ghost Story w/ Jeremy Hobbs

Jeremy Hobbs is back to talk about one of the most unexpectedly affecting movies we’ve tackled in a long time. A Ghost Story follows a man who, following an accident, finds himself haunting the home he shared with his wife. It can be a challenge to break into, but ultimately, it’s an arresting story about grief, loss, and love.

Very special thanks to Shilo Pawley for providing her cover of Dark Rooms’ “I Get Overwhelmed” for this episode.

Listen Here:


Further Reading, Viewing, and Links:

  • Nick Cave’s review of Mother and Son (Independent)
  • The art of Gregory Crewdson (Artsy)
  • Jeremy’s project (Black Room Media – under construction as of publication)
  • Retro-Mania at the Hyland Cinema (Facebook)


Other Episodes Referenced:

  • Episode #83 – Christine w/ Jeremy Hobbs
  • Episode #82 – San Junipero w/ Jeremy Hobbs
  • Bonus Episode on film, projection, and Retro-Mania at the Hyland Cinemas w/ Jeremy Hobbs and Victor Liorentas
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Other Media Mentioned:

  • Dark
  • Babylon Berlin
  • Jaws
  • Christine (2006)
  • Black Mirror


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