Rattling The Cage #4 – Snake Eyes [Podcast]

The Movie: Snake Eyes (1998)

We’ve been talking about what we perceived as the Nicolas Cage action movie phase of the 90’s and it turns out, that’s not quite what Snake Eyes is. Caroline and Dylan are a house divided as we try to figure out whether Snake Eyes is campy fun or a slog that doesn’t know how to do what it’s trying to do.


Further Reading, Viewing, and Links:

  • Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One Is Looking) by Christian Rudder – the data-based book about OkCupid’s user database (Goodreads)
  • The Five Types of Nicolas Cage Movies by Walt Hickey (FiveThirtyEight)
  • In Defence of Nicolas Cage by Alex Flood (NME)
  • Nicolas Cage is Preparing to Retire from Acting by Rhian Daly (NME)
  • Caroline and Dylan’s rankings of the Nicolas Cage movies (Letterboxd and Letterboxd)
  • NetFlakes Podcast #88 – Dazed and Confused w/ Caroline Diezyn


  • the trailer for Snake Eyes



  • the deleted opening scene of Batman Forever




Caroline Diezyn is a podcast co-host and blogger at NetFlakes and Rattling the Cage, and a PhD student, writer, and artist in London, Ontario. You can find them on Letterboxd and Twitter.

Dylan Clark-Moore is a podcast creator and blogger at NetFlakes and Rattling the Cage. You can find him on Letterboxd, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can find Rattling the Cage on Facebook and Twitter.

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