7 Other Podcasts You Should Listen To

What’s the point of even having friends if you can’t pimp their podcasts on your own show’s blog? In working on NetFlakes, I have had the immense pleasure and privilege of discovering and working with some fantastic podcasters. These are their stories.

A Feedback Loop


If you’re a fan of music from Southwestern Ontario (and I know you are), A Feedback Loop may just be your new favourite podcast. Every other Sunday, hosts Dylan and Jess do a deep-dive, track-by-track breakdown of an album from a local band or artist.

As well as doing the podcast, A Feedback Loop are patrons of their own scene, bring disparate musicians together in showcase concerts in Toronto, with the aim of shining yet another spotlight on local talent.

Dylan and Jess have both been guests on NetFlakes, most recently with Dylan reviewing Galaxy Quest.

Check out A Feedback Loop on their website.

Hammertime Horror


It would be a mistake to pass Hammertime Horror by just because you’re not a fan of its genre. Based entirely around movies from (in)famous studio Hammer Film Productions, hosts Tom Stuart and Riley McDonald create a delicious blend of high-minded analysis and eye-rolling shtick. The worst thing about Hammertime Horror is that there isn’t more of it yet, since the guys are dumb and somehow think their educations are more important.

Tom and Riley have both been guests on NetFlakes, with Tom reviewing You’re Next and Riley covering The Skin I Live In.

Check out Hammertime Horror on SoundCloud.

Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser: The Deep-Dive History Nerd WKRP in Cincinnati Podcast


I have never seen an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. In fact, until just now, I’ve never successfully spelled Cincinnati correctly on my first try. Now, I often get the opening theme for WKRP stuck in my head. Thanks, guys.

Seriously, though, this is another podcast that deserves to be heard, no matter your interest in the subject matter. It’s not a show about WKRP, it’s a show about life, history, and pop culture, it just happens to do so through the lens of a 70’s sitcom.

Hosts Mike Grasso and Rob MacDougall have both been on NetFlakes with Mike reviewing Beyond the Black Rainbow and Rob doing Pee-wee’s Big Holiday.

Check out Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser on their website.



I consider NetFreaks to be a sister podcast to NetFlakes. Considering how well they’re doing, they may prefer to see us as their weird cousin but that’s beside the point. Hosted by David Troy, Adam Eastwood and a revolving door of entertaining co-hosts, the show tackles Netflix’s original content. Generally, sitcoms and movies get one episode while drama series will get a more in-depth multi-episode review.

I haven’t had the pleasure of NetFreaks’ company on NetFlakes yet but I’ve been honoured to join them for three episodes with reviews of the One Hundred Eyes special of Marco Polo, as well as Season 1 and Season 2 of Grace & Frankie.

You can find NetFreaks on their website.

Unfortunate Associates: A Series of Unfortunate Events Podcast


Tyler, the creator of Futurehorsepod has recently launched his third podcast with Unfortunate Associates. The show joins fellow Futurehorsepod productions Cynical Cartoons (about the weird and wacky world of animation) and The Adam Sandcast (a blow-by-blow look at the movies of Adam Sandler).

In Unfortunate Associates, Tyler is joined by the mysteriously named B to take a look back at the children’s book series Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Each episode hones in on one of the books as the hosts pick apart the beloved, bizarre series.

I’ve yet to have Tyler on NetFlakes but I had a blast talking about Hotel Transylvania with him on The Adam Sandcast.

You can find Unfortunate Associates and the rest of the Futurehorsepod productions on their website.

Video Negative Podcast


Video Negative were my very first podcast friends. We’ve been following each other on SoundCloud since the beginning and I’ve really enjoyed listening as the show continues to somehow get better and better.

Every episode of Video Negative focuses on a notoriously terrible 90’s movie. With almost 40 episodes under their belts, Ol, Daniel, and Tim have suffered at the hands of some of the worst filmmaking the decade has to offer. Some, like Showgirls, have turned out to be pleasant surprises, while others, like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, have lowered the bar for cinema forever.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of NetFlakes with Daniel.

You can find Video Negative Podcast on SoundCloud.

The Whole Shebang: The Minute-by-Minute Velvet Goldmine Podcast


Mike Grasso, from the aforementioned Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser, recently revealed his super secret project – The Whole Shebang: The Minute-by-Minute Velvet Goldmine Podcast. Joined by author Jenny Anckorn, Mike does exactly what the title promises. Every episode is a 15-minute or so dive into 60 seconds’ worth of Todd Haynes’ 1998 glam rock musical, Velvet Goldmine, based on the life of David Bowie (unless it’s David Bowie’s lawyers asking, in which case who’s this David Bowie you speak of?).

As with Hold My Order, you really don’t need to know the source material to enjoy the show. The personalities of the hosts and the depths of their analysis shine through more than enough for listeners unfamiliar with the movie.

You can find The Whole Shebang on their website.

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