Barton Fink: An Unconventional Movie About the Conventions of Movie-Making

The movie: Barton Fink

The guest: Proprietor of Runout Records, Roozbeh Showleh

Among the topics we get into:

  • the lasting images from the film
  • the setting, based on stereotypes and images from the 1940s
  • Barton’s writer’s block
  • a bit of a dissection of the final scene, including a super-bleak read from Dylan
  • John Turturro’s performance, including this gem of a sceneBartonDancing
  • Barton’s ignorant relationship with “the common man”
  • watching formative texts years after adolescence and the development of tastes
  • the difference between reference (Coens) and borrowing wholesale (Tarantino)

Links & Mentions:

  • the Wikipedia page on Barton Fink is a great read
  • you can find Runout Records on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • you can find Roozbeh’s radio program, The Heavy Early show here on CHRW
  • the Runout Records Listening Party is on Thursday, July 14th from 7-8pm. Click here for more details
  • the previous podcast Dylan mentions is our review of Galaxy Quest, found here



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