Punch-Drunk Love: Breaking Down the Barryers

After another exciting Twitter vote, you, the citizens of NetFlakesland decided that we needed to talk about Punch-Drunk Love. For both myself and Caroline, we weren’t quite sure what to do with the movie at first but it left an impression, so please listen as we try to come to an understanding of why so many of you chose this film.

Among other topics, we get into

  • Barry’s mental health
  • the perfect casting of Adam Sandler
  • the long shadow of Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • how badly Caroline wants to throw salt at one character
  • whether or not the villains are made even more evil by their markers of Mormonism
  • a side-by-side comparison of Punch-Drunk Love and Catcher in the Rye




Dylan Clark-Moore is a podcast creator and blogger at NetFlakes. You can find him on Letterboxd and Twitter.

Caroline Diezyn is a podcast co-host and blogger at NetFlakes, and a PhD student, writer, and artist in London, Ontario. You can find them on Letterboxd and Twitter.

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