*Bonus Episode* MTP Presents – Heathers: The Podcast

In honour of Musical Theatre Productions London’s presentation of Heathers: The Musical, we’ve brought in an all-star team to talk about the 80’s cult classic teen movie that started it all, Heathers.

Dylan is joined by Heathers superfan, Vanessa Brown (of Brown & Dickson booksellers), art scene Renaissance woman and promoter for Heathers: The Musical, Deanne Kondrat, and the director of MTP’s production of Heathers: The Musical, Ian Badger.

We discuss

  • what it means to be a teenager
  • fat activism and body empowerment
  • the movie’s legacy and failures in dealing with homosexuality
  • how long it takes (if ever) for JD to stop being so sexy
  • differences and updates in the musical
  • as well as some exclusive insights into MTP’s production of Heathers: The Musical


Heathers: The Musical will run from May 6-14, 2016, with tickets available at the McManus Theatre box office or at MTPLondon.ca. You can also follow the production on Facebook.


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Heathers is also available on Amazon.

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