What’s New on Canadian Netflix (February 22 – 28, 2016)

CrouchingTigerHiddenDragonSwordOfDestinyCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

As flat reviews continue to roll in, it may stand that the most interesting thing about this sort-of sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is the release plan that almost happened. Originally, the film was meant to be released simultaneously on Netflix and on IMAX. Many theatres balked at the idea of compromising the theatre-exclusive experience, leading to only 10-15 IMAX theatres showing the film across the United States.

FullerHouseFuller House

This is the most relentlessly promoted title Netflix has picked up in awhile. It has been over 20 years since Full House ended and now it’s back. Apparently the Tanner family has a Practical Magic-esque curse in that once the head of the household finds domestic bliss, their partner will die in a horrible accident. Now it’s the eldest daughter D.J. who finds herself in the Danny Tanner role after her husband dies on the job as a firefighter. The trailer looks like something from the Disney Channel and yet, despite a critical beating, my Facebook feed tells me that some people are loving it.

HeartlessCityHeartless City (or Cruel City)

As we’re going to see soon when we look at The Departed, undercover work is messy. Sometimes the lines get blurred and you end up falling in love with the drug lord who killed your friend when you take over his undercover investigation.

MarvelSuperHeroAdventuresMarvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!

A collection of Marvel superheroes need to come to the rescue when Loki and a Frost Giant team up to steal Santa’s powers.

MindyProjectSeason4The Mindy Project (Season 4… sort of)

When The Mindy Project was dropped by Fox and picked up by Hulu, the more important question on Canadians’ minds was whether or not the show would still show up promptly on Netflix at the end of the season, as it had done with Season 3. The answer is better than expected. To give people a chance to catch up before the series starts back up mid-season, we can already catch the first 13 episodes now.

Theo Von SpecialTheo Von: No Offense

I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a “Theo Von” before this popped up on Netflix but my profile tells me that it thinks I would give it 4-stars. All I really have to go on is the synopses, which tell me that this comedy special includes a story about chasing down chimpanzees. So that sounds pretty funny. That being said, it’s also described as “raunchy” and one of the promo pictures shows what appears to be Von miming a fart. So maybe not.

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