Cowspiracy: A Well-Intentioned Alarm Clock with an Agenda

Dylan was joined this week by Stephen Szucs, founder of SustainableJoes, a multifaceted project that seeks to educate and inspire everyday individuals (Joes) to make the most sustainable choices in their lives. Very appropriately, he came on to talk about Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, a documentary about the underexplored impacts of animal agriculture.

Some of the things we talk about are:

  • Stephen’s discovery of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • The creation of documentary films and the power of editing
  • our own experiences in making conscious decisions about what we eat
  • How the film’s insistence on casting a villain blows up in its face
  • Trying to create positive change through education and compassion when the clock on the climate change bomb is ticking

We also spend some time throughout the conversation talking about the upcoming SustainableJoes documentary, which is due out later this year.


The person I promised in the episode to look up and mention by name is this guy:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.33.50 PM
Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek

Overall, talking to Stephen was a terrific conversation to have with a passionate individual whose own project is an exciting, inevitable agent of positive change.

You can follow SustainableJoes on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

End credit music:

Chenosky / “What was I telling you about” / taken from Odiamo / 2016 / used with permission from A Person Disguised As People

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