What’s New on Canadian Netflix (February 15 – 21, 2016)

AboutLastNightAbout Last Night

While the consensus about this movie has been politely warm, the performances from Kevin Hart and Regina Hall stand out as highlights of this now thrice-told tale.

CastPartyCast Party

This is definitely the most clever title of this week’s releases. Cast Party is the documentary about a live podcast event that brought together some of the biggest names in podcasting. And, of course, the whole thing was sponsored by Audible and MailChimp.

CookedCooked (Season 1)

Despite what the title implies, Cooked is much more than a cooking show: it’s a Netflix original documentary about humanity’s relationship with food, hosted by Michael Pollan, the same man who wrote the book that inspired the series.

CrossingLinesSeason3Crossing Lines (Season 3)

It’s a curious premise – when crimes spill across international borders, the members of the International Criminal Court’s special crimes unit are called in to catch the bad guys. Opinions are mixed and the ICC doesn’t appreciate the show’s fictional overreach of their jurisdiction. Season 3 sees a major cast overhaul with new additions including Elizabeth Mitchell (Dr. Juliet Burke from LOST) and Goran Visnjic (Dr. Luka Kovac from ER and Jimmy Angelov in Practical Magic).


This short film, starring Robert DeNiro, explores the now-empty buildings that stand as monuments to the passage of immigrants into the United States.

FamilyGuySeason13Family Guy (Season 13)

While The Simpsons is certainly THE institution among animated sitcoms, Family Guy keeps plugging away and is, as of this writing, the 14th longest-running scripted primetime TV series in U.S. history.

LoveLove (Season 1)

A second Netflix original series debuted this week. This one is the partially Judd Apatow-created Love starring Community‘s Gillian Jacobs and Inglourious Basterd Paul Rust as they work their way through the highs and lows of a relationship.

MonumentsMenThe Monuments Men

In January of 2014, I wrote a list of the movies I most wanted to see that year. In talking about The Monuments Men, I said

“I really don’t know what to expect from this movie but I plan on seeing it, entirely on good faith.  It stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman! … So, it’s entirely possible that I am going to spend money on something just because of the names that are attached to it but at least, in this World War II movie, they’re going in to save something a little bit more worthwhile than Private Ryan.”

I still haven’t seen the thing and my excitement was tempered by middling reviews but, at the very least, the movie led to one of my favourite lines in A Very Murray Christmas, when Michael Cera forgets that Bill Murray was in it.

PadamPadamPadam Padam

There’s a lot going on in this South Korean drama. After being released from prison after 16 years for a murder he did not commit, a man ends up falling in love with a woman who turns out to be the niece of the victim of the murder he was convicted of. So, with the help of his guardian angel – I can’t tell from the synoposes if this is a literal or metaphorical angel – he decides to hunt down the real killer.

PlantPureNationPlantPure Nation

This documentary seeks to educate on the benefits of a plant-based diet, while also talking about the efforts of the meat industry to silence the issue. Speaking entirely selfishly for a moment, the timing of the Netflix release of PlantPure Nation couldn’t be better as the very next NetFlakes Podcast is on the very similar Cowspiracy.

QueenOfEarthQueen of Earth

When a woman, played incredibly by Elisabeth Moss, goes on a lakehouse retreat with her best friend following some personal crises, her sanity begins to crumble when she realizes how distant she has become from this last person left who could help her hold it all together.

RWBYRWBY (Volumes 1 & 2)

RWBY is an anime-inspired web series that pits “hunters” against fairy tale monsters. If the trailers are a fair representation of what’s to come with the series, it’s a highly-stylized and hyper-violent twist on some very familiar stories.


Until about 5 minutes ago I had never heard of Tyler Oakley. I’m aware of the concept of a YouTube star but aside from one or two personalities, I couldn’t name any of them. It’s strange to be 28 and to feel like an entire medium is passing me by. It may be that generational gap that had me rolling my eyes when I saw that this guy had his own documentary but it turns out that Oakley has not only done an incredible amount of work to get where he is but he also uses the spotlight to bring attention to LGBTQ+ issues.

SophiaGraceAndRosieSophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure

This is a whole mini-phenomenon that’s passed me by until now. Sophia Grace & Rosie is a British celebrity duo who first broke into the social consciousness by way of a cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” that went viral on the Internet. They soon thereafter appeared on Ellen and now, apparently, they have their own feature film. As jaded as I want to be about the whole thing, I have now spent a good 20 minutes on YouTube watching Sophia Grace & Rosie-related content, so I can’t be too mad.

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