The NetFlakes Podcast #45: Adventures In Babysitting w/ Deanne Kondrat

On this week’s podcast, Dylan was joined by Deanne Kondrat to talk about 1987’s horror-show teen sex comedy Adventures In Babysitting.

Here’s a look what you can expect to hear about:

  • More discussion about Making a Murderer than you’d expect from a podcast about an 80’s teen movie.
    • The article Dylan mentions about evidence left out of the documentary can be found here.
    • And here’s the College Humour “Cringe-Watching” video we mention as well
  • The concept of “The City” from the perspective of a child
  • A brief love affair with everything in the opening credits, from the lip syncing to the font

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.18.57 PM

  • Chris (Elisabeth Shue)’s many suitors and whether or not race had to do with a last-act switch of romantic leads
  • The unfortunate outdated and tasteless humour
  • Diagnosing Daryl’s possible sex addiction
    • The podcast Dylan references is Episode #104 of The Cracked Podcast: Great Ideas Nobody Uses Correctly Anymore


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End credit music:

Para Palabras / “Aquarium” / taken from Forest City Series Vol. 2 / 2015 / used with permission from A Person Disguised As People


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