Dylan Talks “Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes” with NetFreaks

A few weeks back, I was asked to do a guest spot on NetFreaks, a cousin podcast that reviews Netflix’s original content. When host (and general good dude) David Troy told me it would be the “One Hundred Eyes special of Marco Polo,” I had no idea what that sequence of words meant. But if someone wanted to talk to me for an hour about a tv show and give me a chance to plug NetFlakes, of course I was interested.

Now, Marco Polo is a show that I hadn’t ever gotten around to. I didn’t add it to My List. I can’t quite put my finger on why it never spoke to me. Maybe it’s because I’m already behind on Game of Thrones, so adding another swordsy epic seemed too much like work. So, I tucked it away from my mind right next to Hemlock Grove.

So when I agreed to do the show, I was tempted, at first, to do my proper research and watch the whole series so that I could really be a part of the conversation. Then Rotten Tomatoes put out their rundown of the Netflix original series to date, and I saw that Marco Polo has a 24% approval rating. Suddenly, the investment of 11 hours of TV for a one-hour podcast stopped seeming like a good idea. So, I convinced myself that it would be cute and cheeky to be the fresh set of eyes on the show when we reviewed the “One Hundred Eyes” special.

“What the hell is ‘One Hundred Eyes'” you may ask? As it turns out, it’s a popular monk character from the show. He’s wise, snarky, and supremely badass with a commanding ability in the art of Kung Fu. I was quite surprised to learn that this show I’d turned my nose up at was littered with Kung Fu. So maybe there’s something worth checking out in this Marco Polo after all.

To check out the NetFreaks  episode, click here. Cozy up with a tall glass of your finest lowered expectations and get a good idea if Marco Polo is for you.

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