The NetFlakes Podcast #41: Mortal Kombat w/ Caroline Diezyn (Part 2)

Before you get going, it only makes sense to check out Part 1 if you haven’t already.

Along with co-host Caroline Diezyn, we stood toe-to-toe with the colourful cast of characters that make up cult classic Mortal Kombat.

In Part 2, we try to get a better understanding of the mythologies and motivations of not-so-super soldier Sonya Blade, deal-breaker baddie Goro, blink and you’ll miss her Kitana, supervillain and mastermind puppeteer Shang Tsung, French-American Chinese thunder god Rayden (before the spelling was changed to Raiden), and our protagonist Liu Kang.

End credit music

Para Palabras / “Roundhouse” / taken from Forest City Series Vol. 2 / 2015 / used with permission from A Person Disguised As People

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