The NetFlakes Podcast #40: Mortal Kombat w/ Caroline Diezyn (Part 1)

What a way to celebrate our 40th episode – with a discussion of Mortal Kombat so intensive, we had to split it in two.

Along with co-host Caroline Diezyn, we stood toe-to-toe with the colourful cast of characters that make up this cult classic.

In Part 1, we try to get a better understanding of the mythologies and motivations of Australian robo-mobster Kano, ninja baddies Scorpion, Subzero, and Reptile, as well as would-be leading man Johnny Cage.

Be sure to tune in next week for the rest of the review.


End credit music:

Para Palabras / “Roundhouse” / taken from Forest City Series Vol. 2 / 2015 / used with permission from A Person Disguised As People

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