Introducing ‘The Netflix Project’

If you have a Netflix profile, you likely have a relationship with it. For years, you’ve been pouring your habits and tastes into this mysterious curator of content and just implicitly trusting that it will take care of you.

I’m here to put that to the test.

With The Netflix Project, I am putting Netflix entirely in the driver’s seat of a blank profile. I’m letting Jesus take the wheel, so to speak, and letting Netflix decide, based entirely on its ethereal taste-regurgitating formula, what I have to watch next. The rules are simple.

1 – I must start with a virginal profile. I must forego giving Netflix any ratings or preferences in order to begin with as clean a slate as possible. There are to be no age restrictions on this profile.

2 – I must watch whatever is in the first slot of “Top Picks” for the profile, no matter what. Michael Bay action flick? Doing it. Crowd-funded kung fu short? Consider it done. All 8 seasons of Full House? Bring. It. On.

3 – I may rate the content. Hopefully, this will prevent me from falling into a never-ending rabbit hole of garbage. But you never know.

4 – No matter what shows up in the Top Picks, I am not allowed to stow anything away in a Netflix queue. This profile will be literally List-less.

5 – I’ll be reviewing the whole thing as I go so you’ll be there with me every step of the way.

So what’s going to be first???

Well, apparently if you start off with no information, Netflix refuses to give a Top Picks. So, right off the bat, I’m already breaking Rule #2. What to do? What to do? The only thing that makes sense is to start with whatever is listed first as being “Popular on Netflix.” So, the very first movie that I will be tackling is (drumroll, please)……….


Despicable Me 2. Huh. Okay, then. Well I guess I’ll see you back here soon for Part 1 of The Netflix Project.

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