What’s New on Canadian Netflix (October 26 – November 1, 2015)

It’s the first of the month, or as we like to call it, Netflix Christmas, so there’s plenty of new content. Let’s get into it.

The Beast2.TheBeast

Sometimes a movie gets added to Netflix that makes me realize how much I still have to learn about the history of film. Apparently there was a controversial Polish director named Walerian Borowczyk, who, according to Wikipedia, was a “genius who also happened to be a pornographer.” This is one of those films, telling the story of a woman whose visits from a beast in her dreams “bring her a perverse thrill.” Who needs the rest of the internet when you’ve got this?

2.BlackBooksBlack Books (Seasons 1-3) 

Another personal discovery from this week’s addition to Netflix, Black Books is an acclaimed British sitcom. That’s about all the convincing I need to try out the already-finished 18 episode run.

Captain Phillips 3.CaptainPhillips

Does it make me a bad person to know that I’ll likely never actually get around to watching this one but I’ll still make regular use of its unintentional catchphrase? You know the one.

2.CinderellaCinderella (2015)

When Disney abandoned its practice of making garbage direct-to-video sequels, it moved into a whole different direction: live action adaptations of its already existing content. Sometimes you get Alice in Wonderland while other times you get the much better-received Cinderella. Despite it all, the film is guilty of the unforgivable crime of shaving Robb Stark.

Cloudy2.CloudyWithAChanceofMeatballs2 with a Chance of Meatballs 2

I have no idea what this franchise is about but if Netflix cares enough (or was paid enough) to send me a targeted marketing e-mail to tell me that it’s now available, then it’s the least I can do to include it here.

6.Fast&Furious6Fast & Furious 6

It’s not the one we want but with Furious 7 freshly available on DVD & Blu-Ray, it’s nice for Netflix-only viewers, like myself, to finally get a chance to see the sixth instalment of the franchise… even if I couldn’t tell you anything that’s happened since Tokyo Drift.

Garfunkel 2.GarfunkelAndOatesand Oates (Season 1)

I know I’ve seen more than one video from comedy music group Garfunkel and Oates but I can’t think of any song (or any thought) other than “Sex with Ducks” since seeing the news that the duo’s 8-episode premier season is available to stream.

2.KingsmanKingsman: The Secret Service

Unless Star Wars: The Force Awakens manages to live up to my long-time-ago-and-far-far-reaching expectations, Kingsman is likely to go down as my favourite movie of 2015.

Match 2.Match

Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino, Matthew Lillard, and dancing. I’m sold.
2.OBrotherWhereArtThouO Brother, Where Art Thou?

This was my first Coen Brothers movie and if you’re going to have your formative Coen movie be filled with comedy, music, George Clooney at his studliest, and literary allusions that go right over your head, you could be doing a lot worse.


I have no nostalgia for Popples as either a toy or as a cartoon. This allows me to prejudicially hate this new Netflix series based entirely on my eyes’ rejection of the sheer amount of colour being launched at them.

2.EscobarParadiseLost(Escobar:) Paradise Lost

There’s something really delicious in the idea that Netflix, within a month of releasing its critically-praised Narcos is grabbing up whatever Pablo Escobar content it can. It’s totally possible that this is a coincidental acquisition but it’s way more fun the other way.


More than likely, this will linger in my list for a long time until I’m in the mood for a hate watch. Even then, the reputation of this movie for being terrible makes it hard to ever press play, even if I tell myself it’s all for fun.

2.SignsSigns & The Sixth Sense

Two of M. Night Shyamalan’s most important works are now available to stream on Netflix. Of course, there’s his big breakthrough with The Sixth Sense, which I remember being the first time I’d ever felt the need to immediately rewatch a movie to catch all the clues. Signs is where some people started to sense that maybe the wheels could be coming off this train. These are the people who giggled with malicious glee as The Village became a living joke. It’ll be curious to go back and watch either of these films to see how they hold up.

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