Drive Angry

Drive Angry is not a movie you go see because you want to see a good movie. This is a movie that you go to see because you can’t come up with anything else to do on a Friday night, so you pack your guy buddies into a car and make the trip.

To call Drive Angry gratuitous is an understatement. If you do decide to ignore my warning, you will see things you’ve never seen before. There are things in this movie that defy everything you thought you knew about physics, the realm of physical possibility, and the ability of writers and directors to just know when to stop. On the off chance that you do go see it, I’ll try not to spoil anything.

I would be lying I said I didn’t enjoy any of it. Some of the escalating action stuff is just too over-the-top to not laugh at. However, the absolute best part of Drive Angry is William Fichtner in his role as The Accountant. Until the end, when he takes on more of a supporting, buddy-cop role, his deadpan performance is outstanding beyond the quality of anything else in the movie.

Otherwise, you’ve got a brain-dead shoot-em-up that has a hard-on for any depiction of the female form, a profoundly blind ignorance of the traumatic effects of brutal violence, and a misplaced trust in Nic Cage, who may or may not be sleeping through even the most outlandish gun fights.

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